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I seek one time within this Christmas blessing,

More than time it is above life you live everyday,

I love one happiness within this New Year start,

More than awareness it is above duty you give everything,

I gift one harvest within this lifeline  you are granted,

More than commitment it is above respect you give everyone,

I thank one person within this enlightment you grant time,

More than creation it is above heart you challenge reality,

I dream one craft within this practice you earn living,

In this small time,

In your entire life,

If you ever carve a beginning,

This is a day your entire life ever been for the needy,

What you expect others to do?

I expect we need to initiative every dream we have in true action before the climate changes again,

I mean in reality through a charted plan of action.

It must start from home,

Before us life is a beginning of this initiative,

If God become this entrepreneur for this message everyone here drafted,

Landing ever folding this lifes diary makes more credits we seek,

Let us just make this shining reality for all our people,

How does a villager who live on this simple grain bridge its making?

We are responsible for their happiness, how?

Let me say there is a goodness in the heart of our every villager who love to be patriotic for our motherland.

They will work till the time ends even if there may be no water for irrigation.

It is their heritage that they care and culture which create festivity in their heart so born as the citizen of this land.

People face lots of problems here. Yet their love for our motherland bring them back.

It is time as someone who cherish this gift may be supporting how tradition is seen in the culture of our hard working heart to face the problem we may encounter.

This is our vision.

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