Hi there! Here’s a quick anecdote (a short and amusing story about a real incident/person) about something that happened to me a couple years back.

This is back when I had my first crush on a guy. He was 1 year older than me, liked video games, and was tall. I don’t remember his name exactly, but I’m pretty sure it started with an A. One day, I was riding my bicycle in the neighborhood. I passed my old daycare lady’s house, and I saw the boy I had a crush on. I waved at the daycare lady, then turned back to focus on where I was riding. Then, I realized I was about to hit the rear end of a car! My mind went blank on what to do. What would you do if you were about to ride your bike into a car? Well, apparently I thought the best thing to do was to jump off of my bike. So, I jumped. I probably looked like a complete idiot! Then, I blacked out, basically. When I woke up, my right arm hurt like CRAZY! My lip was bleeding and I had scrapes all over my arms and knees. My daycare lady (whose name is Mrs Tammy) rushed over and helped me. She got me band-aids and whatnot. Then, my dad arrived. Gosh, was THAT embarrassing! I had to walk home, while my dad rode my bike beside me. And you know what happened to the boy I had a crush on? I never saw him again…

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