Happy 2016 New Year!
Happy 2016!

Welp! Today marks the start of the new year of 2016! 🙂 What did you do last night, waiting for the new year to begin? Did you party? Did you sleep? Did you dance? Did you hang out with friends? I did a mixture of all those and more! It was pretty crazy~! Want to hear about it?


Last night, around 6:00 PM, my parents left to go to hang out/party with their friends, and left me to watch my little brother and my little sister. I was pretty okay with that, for once. Once my parents left, I started to make some dinner. Which was peanut butter sandwiches, popcorn, candy, a little ice cream, chips, and water. My little brother and I fought over the popcorn a BUNCH! In the end, we made 3 or 4 bags of popcorn in total! Then, I started to play some video games on the laptop. I also blogged a little bit and also uploaded a new YouTube video on my YouTube channel. Soon, one of my friends invited me to video-chat with her. We, meaning the friend and I, video-chatted for about an hour or so. Then, I left the video-chat to get something else to eat. Afterwards, I somehow convinced my little brother & my little sister to get off of the video games and we played a couple rounds of Mancala & some other board games. Next, we watched a movie & some TV shows together. Then, we waited until the ball dropped. When it did, we celebrated! Soon, my parents came home. Then, we went to sleep.

Happy New Year for 2016
Happy New Year~!

That’s what I did! How about you?



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