Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year GIF.gif
Happy New Year’s Eve~!

Hi, everyone! Butterfly15Editor and Mimi14Senpai here, wishing you all a happy New Year’s Eve! We are super excited for the new year! Just think about it! In a certain number of hours, it will be 2016! Yay~! So, let’s celebrate with this how-to list on how to have a last minute New Year’s sleepover, our style!


Step 1. 
Rush to your nearest Kroger/Walmart/supermarket with a wallet full of cash and go on a snack-buying spree! Buy your favorite snacks, bottles of soda, tons of candy, frozen pizzas, and popcorn!

Step 2.
Go to the nearest movie rental place and rent a BUNCH of your favorite movies!

Step 3.
Convince your parents/family/siblings to go spend the night at a friend’s house!

Step 4.
Pick one big room in the house. Once you do, cover the floor with blankets + pillows. Also, stock the room with your chosen snacks + chosen movies!

Step 5.
Get dressed in comfortable clothing!

Step 6.
PARTYYY~!!!!! The only rule is, have fun~!!!!!


Wishing You A Happy New Year's Eve!.gif


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