What Would You Viewers Like To See Here on This Blog?

(The three admins of this blog, also known as the ThreeCreativeGirls blog, have recently had a discussion about this blog of ours. Here’s basically how it went.)


Mimi14Senpai: So… About the ThreeCreativeGirls blog… How can we make it better? More popular? More cooler?

Butterfly15Editor: Hmmm… I could try to put aside time in my busy schedule to take more photographs… But my camera recently broke, and I’m trying to get it fixed…

Lilly Ride: Uhhh… Maybe I could do more posts? Oh! Maybe we could get one of our friends to become an admin!

Mimi14Senpai: Good idea… Maybe I can convince my friend Randa to… I’ll ask her. And we need to do another post, with the stats of the month of February…

Butterfly15Editor: Lilly did it last time, I’ll do it this time. It’s my turn, next is Mimi’s turn.

Mimi14Senpai: Okay! And Lilly! Maybe you can post anime-related things, and fandom-related things!

Lilly Ride: Sure!

Butterfly15Editor: And I’ll try to post more photography and recipes.

Mimi14Senpai: Okay! Now, we’ll all do more posts! Alright, this discussion is now over! 🙂


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