Mimi’s Writing – Poetry – Fly Away And Be Free

Somedays, I wish I could
grow some wings and
fly away and be free.

No worries to trouble me,
no beings to hurt me.
I wish I could experience
the world from above,
and see how different everything can be.
I think it would be,
a wondrous feeling,
to be myself, with no worries.
What would it be like,
to fly away, and
be free?
If only I could fly,
I’d let my wings carry me away,
Deep into the distance,
Leaving nothing but a shade,
I need to let my mind know, that my heart is not an enemy,
I need to let my past go and make friends with the better me…
Trouble seems to be everywhere,
Friends and family neglect me whilst I long for care.
But the truth is that life is never fair,
I was born into this world and I regret even being here.
Reality says what reality is,
Never tell a lie as honesty wins.
If you’re not happy, go ahead and spread your wings,
The last thing you want is to be held down by your sins!

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