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Hey, Dash here!

From clothes to hair, the obsession just keeps growing…

Continuing on in my boho chic mini series, I thought to myself, well what’s the third most important thing you need to successfully make a trend work for you, after clothes and accessories of course, and the first thing that came to mind was a lovely hairstyle.

A good hairstyle can really have a great effect on your overall outfit and especially when it comes to boho some of the typical hairstyles for the look are just gorgeous.

Be prepared to see lots of braids and beachy waves, as we go through some key styles for this bohemian trend.

1. A cute braided up-do.


I think that this is just a really lovely, messy look for the summer.

Start by making a hairband braid around the front of the hair. Then take the rest of the hair and…

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