In my honest opinion, flower crowns are BEAUTIFUL! Too bad my mother refuses to buy me one… 😦
😀 🙂 😉 ❤

Pronounced Lourdays

Hey, Dash here!

So, even though it really doesn’t look or feel it (It’s lashing right now.) spring is fast approaching.

I know that when it comes to spring, I love some flowers and floral patterns in my wardrobe and I’ll jump at the chance to incorporate them into any outfit.

Like most of us know, when you want to add a little bit of something special to an outfit or want to try out a new style or trend, accessories are expensive as an entirely new outfit, obviously and you can interchange them with other clothes really easily.

So, what’s one cute way to spread some flower power joy this Spring/Summer you ask?

Well, I’m thinking flower crowns.

If you’re a tumblr user you’ll probably have come across tons and tons of flower crowns over the last couple of Spring and Summer seasons, whether it be gracing the head…

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