Mimi’s Writing – Short Story – Encounter With An Alien

One Saturday morning, I woke up to a deafeningly loud, crashing sound outside of my window. The sound startled me awake, causing me to fall off of my warm bed. I slowly opened my eyes, wincing as my eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light of the morning. Soon after, I stood up from the floor and stretched. Afterwards, I headed to my window, to see what caused the sound. My eyes widened and I gasped in shock. Outside, on my front lawn, was a gigantic, metallic, futuristic spaceship! I hurriedly got dressed, and dashed down the stairs, throwing open the front door. It was a good thing that my family went on a camping trip, and decided to leave me behind. Otherwise, I would have awoken them, which would end up with an extremely irritated family. I slowly approached the unidentified object, examining it from a safe distance. Hesitantly, I reached out my hand and lightly touched the ship.


Suddenly, the whole ship started to vibrate intensely, frightening me. With a yelp, I quickly retreated back to my porch, as the ship continued to vibrate. With a click, a portion of the ship disappeared, revealing a sliding door. The door slid open, and out of the ship stepped… an alien?! It was weird-looking, with gray skin and two large, red eyes. It had a short body, the alien was much shorter than me. It stood there, as I stared at the alien in confusion, curiosity, and fright. The alien stepped out of the ship, stepping onto my lawn. It examined its surroundings, before it noticed me.


I stared at the alien, and the alien stared back. We had a miniature staring contest, before it started heading towards me. I yelped, and dashed back into my house. I slammed the front door, and desperately locked the top plus bottom lock. Afterwards, I sped up the stairs to my room, and hid in my closet.


The alien thumped up the staircase, probably attempting to locate me. I attempted to steady my breathing, with high and desperate hopes that the otherworldly being wouldn’t find me. Loud footsteps thudded on the hallway floor, heading towards my bedroom door. My door slammed open, and the alien walked into my room. The galactic being walked around my room, before it stopped in front of my closet door, while I shut my eyes fearfully. A brief moment of complete silence began, before the closet doors burst open, causing them to crack in half. I shrieked and hid my head and face in my hands, as a loud, buzzing sound resonated in my ears.
I shrieked as I fell out of my bed, startled by the loud, buzzing sound of my alarm clock. I looked around my room, realizing that I had just woken up. I realized that the terrifying experience was just a dream, a figment of my imagination. I smiled as I shook my head at the dream that now seemed silly along with ridiculous. I got up off of the floor, and continued with my family-free Saturday.


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