Good morning~! Mimi14Senpai here~! 😀 I decided to do a semi-quick blog post about my AWESOME & AMAZING weekend! 😀 It was SO much fun~! Here’s what I did~! 😀

First of all, I had a sleepover with my friend Hunter! We hung out, played Hunger Games simulators, watched YouTube videos, played Truth-or-Dare, and had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

My friend Hunter & I

The next morning (on Saturday morning), my mom & my little sister & my little sister’s friends & Hunter & I went to Bojangles for breakfast! Next, we went to this AWESOME bookstore called 2nd & Charles (it’s a nerd’s PARADISE!! They have TONS of books, manga, movies, video games, merchandise, decorations, ALL KINDS of things!!).

My friend Hunter at 2nd & Charles!

Next, we went to PetsMart & Walmart. We just looked around at PetsMart. At Walmart, we bought new flowers & teal-blue paint to paint my new bookshelf. Afterwards, we went back to my house and we hung out until 2:10.

At 2:10, I went to Lilly Ride’s house to hang out.

Lilly Ride

At Lilly’s house, we watched a little anime, looked at Pokemon cards, talked, colored, and had fun! When it was 3:30 I had to go home.

When I got back home, Hunter called up his girlfriend/our friend, and invited her to hang out. My mom drove us to her house and picked her up. We hung out at my house. All three of us we painted my bookshelf.

Then, they stayed the night at my house. The next day (which was Sunday), we walked around the neighborhood, jumped on my trampoline, watched TV & movies, and more!

That was my weekend! It was SO much fun~! 😀 I hope you have enjoyed~! Peace out~! 😀



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