Mimi’s Writing – Short Story – My First Boyfriend

Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here! 😀 This is the story of my first boyfriend. This event happened when I was in 6th grade, in the years 2012-2013. I hope you will enjoy!

I was a newbie to middle school. I had just recently graduated from a 5th grader in an elementary school to a 6th grader in middle school. Basically all of my friends and classmates from elementary school had transferred to the same middle school as me. I had a majority of my friends with me. Including this boy, named Cody, who I had met in 5th grade, from when he had transferred from his old elementary school to my elementary school. I vaguely remember Cody asking me to the 5th grade dance, the only dance ever existing in my elementary school. Unfortunately, I had to decline, since I had to go to a Girl Scout camping trip. We still were friends, even though we only had one class together, which was Gym class. Sometime in the middle of the first nine weeks of middle school, I was in gym. I was walking with a couple of my friends, when Cody came over and asked to speak with me. I nodded, indicating it was alright. My friends started to come over as well, but Cody stated he wanted to talk to me privately. My friends insisted that they come with me (since they didn’t really like that I was friends with Cody), but Cody insisted. Soon, they finally gave up and let Cody & I speak privately. Cody turned to me and smiled. I smiled back, as we started walking side-by-side. Cody started complimenting me, saying how I was “the smartest, prettiest, friendliest, kindest girl that he had ever met” and how I was “the best girl he had ever met before.” I, being myself back then, blushed and brushed off the compliments, saying that Cody was awesome too. All of a sudden, once Cody had finished complimenting me, he said “And those are the reasons why I want you to be my girlfriend.” I stopped suddenly, in shock by what he had said. Cody asked me if I was alright, and I said I was perfectly fine, just a little surprised. Cody asked me if I accepted, and I did. I accepted. We became girlfriend and boyfriend.

We were “dating” for a while, until near the end of the school year. That was when Cody said he had to move away. We had to break up, considering the fact that we wouldn’t be able to communicate. I haven’t seen Cody since.


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