My Angel Beats OC – Mimi Harmonette

Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here! This is a semi-quick little post, about an online character of mine! It’s an OC also known as an Online Character! OC’s are used for online stories, roleplay, and whatnot! This OC of mine is for one of Lilly Ride’s online stories, here’s the link! Anyway, if you want to read about my character, contine reading! 😀

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 4.03.35 PM
Mimi Harmonette
  • Name: Mimi Harmonette
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17 years old (1 year younger than Otonashi)
  • Personality: EXTREMELY shy, quiet, introverted, kind, sweet, secretly a hopeless romantic, comedic, able to make ANYONE smile, moderately depressed but hides her true feelings/emotions behind a smile, hates to see people lonely or in trouble, EXTREMELY intelligent, good-hearted, strategic, moderately athletic, very flexible, reliable, brave at times, tricky, sly, able to trick & confuse people.
  • Appearance: Light-colored, soft skin. Long, pretty, soft, smooth, straight, chocolate-brown hair with her bangs covering her left eye. Beautiful, chocolate-brown eyes. Black, slightly oversized, nerdy eyeglasses.
  • Her Usual Outfit: Usually This Outfit but also Sometimes This Outfit
  • Her Band Outfit (When she is performing): Mimi’s Band Outfit
  • Teams: The SSS & Girls Dead Monster (the band)
  • Her Weapons: Dual silver Japanese katanas, Japanese ninja stars AKA shruiken, small silver throwing knives, electronics, & hacking.
  • Her Story: When she was alive, she had MANY friends who cared about her VERY much in school. However, at home, she was SEVERELY abused by her mother. Her father always attempted to prevent her mother from abusing Mimi, but always failed. Sometimes, her father would get seriously angry and injure Mimi from time to time, accidently. She felt lonely and miserable, except when she was at school, surrounded by her friends. One day, she died because she attempted to commit suicide, but got too scared to do it, and while she was putting away the knife, she tripped over something and fell out of a third-story window, leading to her death. When she “awoke,” she was in “heaven” (AKA the world of Angel Beats). There, she met the SSS, Otonashi (her soon-to-be crush), and she met her long-lost friend, Lotus (AKA the main character).

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