Mimi’s Writing – Essay – I Want To…

We all want to do things. We all want to accomplish, we want to succeed. We all want to do something different. For example, some of us want to become an astronaut and explore the galaxy. Myself, I want to…

I want to learn multiple languages. I want to not only speak English. I want to learn how to speak Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian, Irish, Spanish, French, Italian, all of them! I already know English (because that’s my main language), and I’m learning Spanish in school. But I want to know more! I may never accomplish this dream of mine. But, I am only a teenager right now. I can dream and imagine all I want at this point of my life.

I want to travel the world. I want to explore all the different cultures and try new things. I am fascinated with the world and all the different countries & people out there. I normally don’t particularly enjoy trying new things, but when it comes to it, I adore trying new things.

I want to become a world-renowned author. I want to create books and literature that is extraordinary! I want people to NOTICE me, for once. I don’t want to have to ride on someone else’s coattails to succeed. I want to do it myself.

I want to help people everywhere in the world. I want to help people and assist them. I want to bring them up and put a smile on their faces. I adore making people happy. It’s one of my joys, something that makes me happy.

Those are only a few of my dreams and life goals. I have tons more, so much that it is impossible to count. I may only be a 14 year old girl, but I love to dream. I can think up a castle and a roleplay, I can do many things. I have many talents. I want to explore all of my talents as well as explore all of my options/choices. But for now… I can dream.


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