Mimi’s Writing – Song Lyrics – Parody of “Let It Go” – “My Marshmallow”

Once I went to a marshmallow store
To buy the whole stock
This is gonna be fun,
Awesome! Listen here;

Don’t let anyone take your marsh
mallows cause then that is not nice
Cause if they do
Sugar counts on you!

Let it go
Let it go
Gamingnerd stole my marshmallow
Let it go
Let it go
I think she buried it in the snow!

I don’t care
Which ones she took
Gamingnerd stole 10…
I think I might have to call the cops…

It’s funny how yesterday
My marshmallow was still there
It was all nice, pink and fluffy
Not to white or to puffy

It’s time to see what happened
On my new CCTV camera
Hey look there really is me
I’m so happy

Let it go
Let it go
And there’s my marshmallow
I say yum,
I say yum,
Then take a bite
What a fright

Here I stand
In marshmallow land
HELP I’m so scared….…

My marshmallow was eaten by me just without a sound
I hear screaming and that screamings mine
And it’s so loud
Now I’ve bought a stack of lovely pink marshmallows

Cause oh did you know
That the Gamingnerd stole 10, did ya know~


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