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Pronounced Lourdays

Hey, Dash here

Long time no talk?

Well actually it’s only been about a week but still.

Where was I you ask? Sadly, drowning under a ton of school work, but I’m back now, with a bunch of stuff that I’m dying to tell you all about, (though with exams coming up my updates won’t be as frequent. )

Enough of all my ramblings though and onto something far more important, Spring Fashion staples!

Being the fashion loving Irish girl that I am, when it comes to fashion, especially for the Spring season, I’ve got to be ready for absolutely any and every type of weather. (From dreadful rain storms to gorgeous ice-cream weather , literally all within the space of a couple of seconds.) So with this in mind, my Spring staples have to be majorly versatile.

Here’s just a few of my staples to inspire you for this…

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