Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here! You would not BELIEVE how MUCH fun I had this weekend! I went SO many places, did SO many activities, had SO much fun! I think you all would love to hear about it! I even took a bunch of pictures, and after this post I’m going to go onto Butterfly’s account and post the pictures! Here’s my AWESOME weekend! 😀

On Friday, my little brother (Jonathan, he’s 12 years old, 2 years younger than me) invited his friend from school over, and his friend stayed the entire weekend at our house. (His mother JUST came and picked him up, as I’m typing this) I also invited my friend Randa over as well! On Friday night, at 9:00 PM, we (meaning my little brother, my brother’s friend, my friend Randa, my dad, and I) went to SkyZone! SkyZone is an AWESOME place, with TONS of trampolines! Go look it up!

At SkyZone, from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM, it was teenagers only! That meant ONLY teenagers could be at SkyZone (and also the teenagers’ guardians), and we got free pizza (2 slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza per teen) & a free drink (with free + unlimited drink refills)! It was SO much fun! But there’s more that happened at SkyZone!

While I was at SkyZone, I kind of got hit on by some boys (AKA boys flirted with me). Sooo… Yeah… That happened… *awkwardly laughs*

Next, on Saturday, Randa and I woke up early. My mother took Randa and I to this farmers market at a park. We bought a dozen donuts, some coffee (My mom purchased coffee, while I got some tea. Randa didn’t want anything), and some breakfast (which was a poppy bagel with cream cheese for Randa, I don’t know what my mom got, and I just ate donuts). While my mom was waiting in the EXTREMELY long line for donuts (the donuts were REALLY popular!), Randa and I found a trail into the forest. So, while my mom was waiting in line, Randa and I enjoyed nature & ran on the trail. Afterwards, we went home.

After we ate and got ready for the day at home, we (which included my mom, my little sister Ava, Randa, and I) went to an art festival, where there were TONS of vendors selling their art/jewelry/miscellaneous & there were food vendors too! It was TONS of fun! Randa and I also purchased Mother’s Day gifts there!

On Saturday night, we (which includes my dad, my little brother Jonathan, Jonathan’s friend, my little sister Ava, Randa, and I) went to a drive-in movie theater! There, we watched The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens! It was TONS of fun! 😀

We got home REALLY late, around 2:00 in the morning. We immediately went to sleep.

Lastly, today, on Sunday, my mom took my little sister (Ava) and I to get our hair done and straightened at this hair salon!

And that leads to now, where I’m typing this all down! I hope you have enjoyed~! Have a wonderful day, everyone~! Bye, for now~! 😀 🙂 😉 ❤



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