Mimi’s Writing – Article – Types of Government

There are at least three types of government. Democracy, Monarchy, and Dictatorship. They are all very different from each other. Here are some examples of these governments. The United States of America has a representative democracy. The United Kingdom has a constitutional monarchy. Germany has, or used to have, a dictatorship (In the times of Hitler).

First on the list, democracy government. The word “democracy” literally means “rule by the people.” So, in a democracy, the people govern. The definition of democracy is a system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. The United States of America has a representative democracy.

Next, we have monarchy government. A monarchy consists of rule by a king or queen. Sometimes, a king is called an “emperor,” especially if there is a large empire, such as China before 1911. There are no large monarchies today. The United Kingdom, which has a queen, is really a republic because the queen virtually has no political power. The authority, or crown, in a monarchy is generally inherited. The ruler, or monarch, if often only the head of the state, not the head of the government. Many monarchies, such as Britain and Denmark, are actually governed by parliaments.

Now onto dictatorship government. A dictatorship consists of rule by one person or a group of people. Very few dictators admit they are dictators; they almost always claim to be leaders of democracies. The dictator may be one person, such as Hitler in Germany, or a group of people, such as the Communist Party in China.

There are many other types of government as well. These are the three main ones. I believe that democracies are the best. What do you think?

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