Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here! This is an anime review on my #1 favorite anime & my very first anime, Hetalia! I hope you will enjoy~! 😀


Hetalia is an anime created by a man named Hidekaz Himaruya. Hetalia’s characters are basically the countries in human forms. The countries/people look like, sound like, and act like classic country stereotypes. For example, there is England, France, America, Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, and so on.

There are at least 6 seasons of this anime. The episodes are short, though, around 5 minutes or so. The videos are funny, random, and amazing.

This anime will also teach you a lot about history, geography, social studies, and much more! Surprisingly, it is also educational as well as entertaining!

In this anime, there are two main teams/groups, that are most commonly known. They are listed below:

  • Axis Powers

And a couple others.

  • Allied Powers


Hetalia is an AWESOME anime! It is one of my top favorite animes! You’ll love it~! It is awesome, amazing, interesting, hilarious, educational, entertaining, random, and fantastic.


4 thoughts on “Anime Review – Hetalia

  1. I found Hetalia really hard to get into because of the short and random nature of the episodes. I know its a favourite for many but it just didn’t work for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this anime.

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