Mimi’s Writing – Article – Upper Body Fitness

Are you worried about your health? Are you fit? If you aren’t fit, then this might help you. This article will teach you a few fitness warm-ups generally for your upper body.

Start with 2-3 minutes of a general cardio warm-up or range-of-motion calisthenic-type exercises such as tiptoe walking lunges, overhead squats holding a dowel, torso twists, or even the old stand-by for the entire body, jumping jacks. Then you can safely shift into dynamic upper body stretches such as arm circles, arm swings, band traction, pendulums, or letter draws. Each of these dynamic warm-ups are described below.

Arm Circles

Lift both arms straight out to your sides, holding them parallel to the ground. Make small backward circles, rotating through the shoulder joint, gradually increasing the circumference of the circle until your arms are rotating in giant circles that reach above the head and down to the thighs. Complete 30 seconds of easy backward circles and then reverse directions and perform 30 seconds going forward in ever increasing sizes of circles.

Arm Swings

Stand with feet hips’ distance apart and gently wrap your arms around your body as though to give yourself a big hug. Gently release and open the arms back as though to embrace someone else in a hug. As you continue with this opening and closing arm stretch, try to go a little deeper with each movement. Complete 30-45 seconds of self-hugs and other-hugs until you feel a lengthening and warming sensation through the back and chest muscles.

Those are only two upper body warm-ups. Go try them out, next time you need to do a fitness warm-up.

For more warm-ups, go to this link => LINK


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