Mimi’s Writing – Essay – Major Thunderstorm

Mimi14Senpai here! 😀 This is an essay that I wrote in 6th grade! I hope you will enjoy~! 😀

A major thunderstorm in Chesterfield, VA turns out the power for a day and night. Two friends named Jill and Mimi are driving alone from North Carolina to their home, Chesterfield, Virginia. This results in an adventure.

Jill is driving carefully while Mimi snores like a lion beside her. Then, suddenly, the lights outside go out. Jill swerves to the right side of the highway, waking Mimi up. “What happened?” Mimi asks. “There must be a blackout, because it is dark as night!” Jill answers. Mimi offers to drive to a parking lot so they can sleep in their nice, warm, and comfy trailer.

Mimi drives Jill to a random parking lot. They walk to their trailer that they had been hauling for when they had to sleep. They light plenty of fragrant candles. Then, they try to sleep. Jill sleeps soundly, however Mimi has a sleepless night.

An hour later, Mimi shakes Jill awake. Jill yawns, “What?” “I think there’s a burglar.” Mimi answers. They investigate. Sure enough, there is a burglar with a knife. They fend him off with loud noises by banging pots and pans with silverware. Early in the morning, the lights come on. The girls yell and celebrate!

That is the story of Mimi and Jill. What would you do? You tell it.


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