Mimi’s Writing – Article – Teen Curfews

What is your idea of an average curfew for teenagers? A certain city council is currently debating the adoption of a weekday/weekend curfew for the city’s teenagers. They are thinking of a 10 PM weekday curfew and a midnight (12 AM) weekend curfew. If they adopt the curfew, all teenagers on the street after those specific hours would be officially breaking the law. Here are the pros and cons I have in mind.

I believe that most curfews cause most teenagers to rebel and eventually get into trouble. The more rebellious teenagers would ignore the curfew and go outside anyway. In my perspective, most curfews unfairly interfere in young adult’s lives and in some cases, social life. For example, an early curfew would prevent some people from doing activities plus work.

In my point of view,  a 10 PM weekday curfew would be perfect for me. I would have the time to complete my work, do some chores, eat, as well as have some fun while still going to bed on time. A midnight weekend curfew would also work well for me. A handful of other teenagers might agree with me. It honestly depends on what the teenager is like. Teenagers who would be okay with it would be (in my perspective) well-behaved, trustworthy, and trusted. Teenagers who would not be okay with it would be (in my perspective) rebellious, rude, and not behaved.

Those are the pros and cons so far. What do you think of curfews? Would you agree or disagree with the idea of a curfew?


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