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Pronounced Lourdays

Hey, Dash here!

Long time no chat? Things have been a bit busy this week but I’m back now.

Today I’m doing a beauty must have post in collaboration with the lovely Saiffa Bello. She such a great person to chat to and her blog is just amazing! You should definitely check here out, (her blog!)

So without further adieu…

Here’s out must haves.

(My post.)

Like everyone, over time I pick up beauty products and cleansers that I end up falling in love with and then I’ll keep returning to them… These are just some of my recent loves.

1. Skin care wonders…

Now, what would a work of art be without a nice, smooth and clean canvas to paint it on? Well, it’s the same when it comes your skin.

Skin care is important to me and beautiful skin is always on trend!

Gernier are a brand I’ve…

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