Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here~! So far, this summer has been AMAZING for me, at least for the most part! I’ve decided to tell you quite a bit of what I have done this summer! Are you ready? 

  1. I went to North Carolina twice. 
  2. I adopted a kitten that was abandoned by her mother. 
  3. I went to Myrtle Beach. 
  4. I told my parents about my boyfriend, which they didn’t know about him until I told them. 
  5. My little sister made it into the Championships for her swim team. 
  6. I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel. (I’m currently at 143 subscribers) 
  7. I started re-designing my room. 
  8. I earned quite a lot of money from babysitting jobs. 
  9. I hung out with my friends. 
  10. I went to a couple of pool parties. 
  11. I played Pokemon Go without getting hurt/injured. 
  12. I defeated my Pokemon Black DSI game. 
  13. I played Matchmaker and I got one of my best online friends and one of my old childhood friends together. 
  14. My best online friend, who lives in England, is going to come visit me here in America. 
  15. I watched Finding Dory and managed not to cry. (But I did “awww” over all of the cute & sweet moments) 
  16. Recently, I recieved my grades for 8th grade and I passed all of my classes & I got past advanced in English class. 

And I did a LOT more! These are just the ones that I could remember right now. 

I hope you all have had an AWESOME summer! 

Blog with you later~! 🙂 



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