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Pronounced Lourdays

Hey guys, Dash here! 

What’s a girl’s most prized accessory?

Well, to me it’s the perfect bag.

Whether you share my thoughts or not, it can be assumed that on a whole that girls are quite literally bag obsessed.

Satchels, clutches, backpacks and purses, I love them all and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you did too.

Just recently I bought a new bag, a backpack to be specific, in parfois a really fashion forward accessory shop that up until now, I’d never even set foot in, but now that I have… To put it simply I’m obsessed.

Anyways, though I’m absolutely in love with this shop and my brand new backpack, finding this little gem of a bag wasn’t easy…

It was a mission and a half if I’m honest. A mission full of rooting through shelves, buying things only to return them. Not fun. This went…

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