Top 5 Mobile Apps That Every Blogger Must Have

Hey, what’s up, bloggers? Mimi14Senpai here (with Butterfly15’s help in writing this post)~! *smiles happily and waves* Anyway, this is a post about the top 6 mobile apps that EVERY WordPress blogger MUST have! I hope that you will enjoy~! 🙂 

#1) WordPress – Because what’s the point of blogging on the go, if you don’t have the app? Every WordPress blogger NEEDS the WordPress app, of course! How else would you blog on the go? WordPress is, without a doubt, the MOST POPULAR blogging platform out there!

#2) Writer – Blogging as well as getting things completed using just your cell phone/mobile device sure isn’t easy, especially with all of the annoying/distracting notifications! Writer is a stripped-down word processor that solves this problem by providing a distractionless writing environment within your mobile device. Thus, you can focus on your blogging!

#3) Google Drive – This app helps bloggers store ALL KINDS of documents; including: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, videos, images, audio, and MANY others!

#4) – It’s a… DICTIONARY ON THE GO~! The nerd/blogger’s favorite dictionary of all time (I’m just guessing)! This app is especially useful to bloggers that don’t natively speak English! Plus, the ad-free version only costs $2.99! (However, I’m that kind of person who ONLY has free apps on their phone, minus Minecraft PE, sooo…)

#5) Photo Editor – If you include photos in your blog, then you will need a photo editor, of course! With a mobile device (especially a cell phone), we can snap photos on-the-go, and attach them to our blog posts! Sometimes (or most of the time), we need to add some minor/major touch-ups to the photos. This is where this app comes in. With Photo Editor, you can: edit, crop, resize, and even add effects, texts, and drawing onto them!


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