Good morning, everyone! Mimi14Senpai here~! *smiles happily and waves* I have a little status post for you all today! It’s really exciting, so let’s get straight to the point! 😀 On November 5th, I will be attending an arts/crafts Christmas Bazaar! Not only that, but I will be selling some of my artwork, along wih my handmade masks & DIY Harry Potter magic wands! I was invited by some adult friends in my neighborhood to share their table at this Christmas Bazaar! They’re going to let me sell some things that I have made! *smiles* Isn’t that exciting? Hopefully I’ll gain a decent amount of money from this! *smiles excitedly* I have to make at least 6 or 8 masks, around 10 or more magic wands, and I’m planning on making some paintings as well! Wish me luck~! *smiles* Have an awesome day everyone! See you later & peace out~! *smiles happily and waves goodbye* 😉 🙂 😀



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