Anime Review – Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club and Eternal Summer)

Hey everyone, Lilly ride here with her own anime review for Free! Iwatobi swim club and Free! Eternal summer. This is the first and second seasons of Free! There is also a movie called, “High Speed – Free! Starting Days.” I haven’t watched that yet though. I hope you will enjoy


Free is a swimming anime that was really good. The struggles of being in middle school and increadible rivalries shine through in this anime. The main character, Haruka Nanese, is just a normal kid in middle school who likes to swim in his free time, or anytime really. Him and his best friend Makoto were walking in the halll one day, just talking, when out of nowhere, Nagisa comes back. Nagisa is a friend and teamate from the swim lub they were in during junior high. Nagisa suggests that they get a few people together and restart the swim club. When they try, they can’t get a fourth member to save their lives. Then, thanks to Nagisa, they get Rei to join the swim club, thus completeing the four people they need to restart the club. Rin, who is an old friend from elementary, has joined Samuzuka, and, eventualy, he joins their swim team. When Nagisa, Makoto, and Haruka find out about Rin from his sister Gou, they go to visit him, but what will they be faced with when they do. Find out in Free! Iwatobi swim club.

Free! Eternal Summer (spoiler if you have not seen season 1)

Once again, the team is thrown into new rivalries, as a member from on of Rin’s other elementry schools shows up. Souske becomes Haruka’s new rival in and out of competeing as him and Rin have patched things up and our now friends outside of competiton. Souske is swimming with Samuzuka High School with Rin. Why is here here now? What was he doing last year? How come he’s so mad at Haruka? What did Haru ever do to him? All these questions and more will be answered in the second season of Free. Give a big shout out to Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer.


* Genre: Slice of life
* Publishers: Viz Media,
* Adaptations: “High Speed” Free! Starting Days (Movie)


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