Merry Early Christmas!

Hey creative kids and adults everywhere. Merry Early Christmas from Lilly Ride. I will be taking a short break from the Website for the holidays, so I will try to post as much as I can over the next 2 days.

Starting friday, I will not be updating until next year. I will try to update on the second of January, but If I don’t update then, It most likely wont be up for a week or so after then. No matter where you are, I hope you have a wonderful christmas and a joy filled new years. So, If you are traveling to or from, in any language…

  • Have a nice trip
  • Bon voyage
  • 旅行愉快
  • goeie reis
  • Maligayang paglalakbay
  • Gute Reise
  • loaa he kiʻi huakai
  • bíodh turas deas agat
  • buon viaggio
  • Selamat jalan
  • 良い旅を
  • 좋은 여행을 보내라.
  • желаю хорошей поездки
  • iyi yolculuklar
  • сайхан аялал байна
  • tenha uma boa viagem
  • tha cuairt snog
  • Ten un buen viaje

Hope to come back to hear you’ve all had a wonderful time. I will most definitly be posting a hope you had a happy holidays post when I get back. Stay safe over the holiday, stay happy, and stay with family and friends. This is Lilly Ride with the last post you will get from me until after new years day.


Lilly Ride, signing off for the holidays.

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