My Avengers OC – Luna Lewenheart/Nova

Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here(With edits by Lilly Ride)! This is my Avengers/superhero OC! Her human name is Luna Lewenheart but her superhero name is Nova! Continue Reading for more~! 😀

  • Human Name: Luna Lewenheart
  • Superhero Name: Nova (there is already a Nova, so really it’s Nova Girl)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15 and a half years old
  • Birthday: UNKNOWN (Actually, I just haven’t picked a birthday for her…)
  • Personality: Slightly shy, ambiverted, EXTREMELY intelligent, strategic, strong, athletic, flexible, kind, sweet, curious, beautiful, brave, courageous, talented, creative, careful, imaginative, fascinated with technology, calm, sarcastic, gentle, generous, loyal, manipulative, stealthy.
  • Appearance: Soft, light-colored skin, that’s almost pale. Long, pretty, soft, straight, and slightly wavy,(blue eyes, in the right picture, it is a little off, and a clock necklace)

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