This is how to celebrate your 15th birthday (in the way of Mimi14Senpai)! Mimi14Senpai had her 15th birthday party a while ago, and it was a BLAST! Continue reading for more~! 


Step #1~Gather some of your closest friends, but not the whole school, so you can still be comfortable in a small space and have a managable yet fun party.

Step #2~ Find a fun activity for you all to do, or a couple, and playing some music at some point couldn’t hurt, as long as it’s something you can all have fun with.

Step #3~ Meal BEFORE the cake, you don’t want anyone to start resisting the food ’cause they want to keep the taste of cake in thier mouth.

Step #4~ When you bring out the cake, bring out the soda. The tastes of them are great, and the sweetness will stay for longer.

Step #5~(optional, be insanely careful with this one) When everyone has gotten all the cake they want/can have, and you know you won’t be eating it before it goes bad, even if it’s just a slice, put the candles back in, and light them up for a second round. Whatch the candles go down until the fire goes out. You must be careful, or bad things could hapen, so, if you aren’t one of te ones to pay attention and be careful, leave this step out. Always have an adult supervise, the most fun parent is perfered.

That is one way to make your 15th birthday party great, but there are many other ways too, so you can do whatever makes you happy.

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