Watch it Friday.

That’s what I’m gonna call it now, since I pretty much just give you things to watch, and try to give you a lttle info to make you want to watch it. Even if I am mad at the cretors, I will still recomend it on here, like today’s anime for example. When that happens, I will tell you why I am mad at the end.

So, Today’s Watch It anime is Angel Beats! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Okay, so this was good for a ton of reasons. First of all, if you enjoy action, this is perfect for you. I personally was feeling sad, so in the begining, it made me feel better, but I’m not really sure how. Later in, I started laughing and feeling emotions again, and I felt better than ever. If you enjoy shipping, we have a ton of ships here, mostly beause there are tons of  people. This is something that not many animes have. Honestly, I had a hard time remembering all there names and personalities. There are thirteen episodes, so it’s a pretty short series, with one season.

The bad part has now been revieled. One season, it has one season. I really wanted to see a second season for this Series. Oh well, it’s still really great, so I recomend watching it. It was my obseccion back then.

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