Argument/Conversation Monday

This one will be different from previous ones where they are from different animes, this one will be Lucy and Lisanna talking about Natsu, but not in the way that you would think. This would never happen, but, hey, how much of the other stuff would. BTW, I ship Nalu, not Nali, so understand how hard writting this is.

Lucy~ How come Mira keeps shipping me with Natsu? It’s realy weird.

Lisanna~ You two look cute together Lucy!

Lucy~ Wouldn’t you and Natsu look better together?

Lisanna~ I don’t think so, he’s my childhood friend.

Lucy~ Didn’t you two say you would get married when you grew up?

Lisanna~ Yeah, but I don’t think I wanna anymore.

Lucy~ Why not?

Lisanna~ Wanna try to list off all his bad qualities?

Lucy~ Sure, I think that would be kinda fun!

Lisanna~ KK, me first. He’s kinda idiodic…

Lucy~ Not just Kinda, he is, but continue.

Lisanna~ He’s like my big brother, so I could never date him.

Lucy~ And don’t forget that he’s annoying, destructive, and completly oblivious to manners.

Lisanna~ Yeah, that too, I guess.

Natsu~ *walks in the room* Hey guys, what are you talking about.

Lucy~ Gray

Lisanna~ Yep, we were talking about Gray, anyways, Lucy, you can have him.

Lucy~ I don’t think I want him, you can have him.

Lisanna~ Really, but you two look so cute together!

Lucy~ I could say the same thing about you and him

Gray~ *Walks in with Juvia coming in behind him* Hey guys!

Lucy~ Hello Gray

Juvia~ How are you Lucy, you too Lisanna and Natsu.

Lisanna~ We’re good Juvia.

Gray~ So what were you all doing before we came.

Lisanna~ Just talking.

Juvia~ Juvia would like to know what Natsu, Lucy, and Lisanna were talking about.

Natsu~They were talking about Gray

Gray~ Huh? What about me?

Natsu~ Who would get you.


Lucy & Lisanna~ Let’s add talking on impulse to the list of bad traits, you can have him Juvia.

Gray~ WHAT?

Juvia~ Oh, thank you love rivals, Juvia is so happy she can have her Gray-sama to herself!

Natsu~ Okay, now I’m confused.

Gray~ Me too.

Juvia~ Juvia does not understand, Juvia thought you two were fighting over Gray-sama.

Lucy and Lisanna~ Yeah, well, bye! *run out the room.


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