Hiya! Lilly Ride here! Today is the day I finish my story continue my writting. I hope I can finish, but most likely I will not. I don’t even know how to finish it, but, hey, I will at least try to finish the flashback she is having, this one at least. Remember where it ended!

*Flashback Continues*

I held on to his shoulders as I jumped up onto his back. He caught me, and, out of playfulness, he started running.

“Lunar, slow down, please!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Not yet Luna! When we get to the bridge, I’ll slow down!”

I sighed, but it’s not like I wasn’t used to it. My brother did this often, nearly everytime we came to the field. We came here every week, so that was pretty often. Not really minding all that much, I looked beside me to see my mother passing us. I grabbed her hand, pulling her back, almost throwing Lunar off balence in the process. He quickly reganed his pace, and I watched my mother on the ground laugh, then get up and catch up to us as we reached the bridge. My brother set me down, both of us laughing.

“We beat you, Mom!” We said in unison.

“Yes, I suppose you did.”

So we talked and laughed the rest of the way home, just me, my mother, and my oldest brother. I am the second youngest of five, and he was the oldest of five. My mother has a sister named Ceria, and her name is Celest. I have three brothers, Lunar, Astral, and Stelar, and a twin sister named Astra. We are the Star family, literally, my name is Luna Star. Weird right. And that, was the last thing we talked about before we reached the house.

*End Flashback*

My memories came back to me as I lay in my bed, knowing I looked as though I was dead. My long black hair all over the place, mouth slightly opened, Eyes nearly closed, laying still, taking shallow breaths. A knife lay at the other side of my room, blood dripping from the tip, the same blood that dripped down my arms and onto my bed. That memory, one I was so very familiar with, one that used to bring me so much joy, now brought sadness and misery. That, was a memory from when I was five, which was before my life changed, before all the bad began.


I stood there, under an umbrella that I shared with my brother. It’s a few days after my seventh birthday, two weeks to be exact. Two weeks, fourteen days, 336 hours, anyway you look at it, it all means the same thing. I was crying, and Lunar was trying his best not too. Astra was crying too, both of us clinging to our eldest brother. A gust of wind blew my hair in my face again, and made my sisters and my black dresses sway to the right. We continued to soak my brothers tux, waiting for my father to bring the car around. My brothers and Aunt Ceria went with him.

Read more on Monday. I decided this is how I will post the story, so you keep reading.

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