Hey, Lilly Ride here again, with another part to the story. Here it is.

*Continue Flashback*

“Yeah, I guess so, but it’s great to see you. I hope we end up in the same class again this year, would’t that be cool!”

“Yeah, it would be. So, how are you today Anerack?”

“I’m good, and in class B. I’ll call you tonight, okay. I want you to tell me what class you are in. I have to go now, sis wants to drop me off at home before going to work. Bye Luna!”

“Bye Anerack!”

I watched him untill he disappeared into the crowd, then, I looked to my father, glad he hadn’t seen Anerack. I sighed, content with how the day had turned out so far. Astera, Asteral, and Stelar didn’t seem to notice him either. I ran out of luck then, I guess. Luner saw me, even though I wish he hadn’t. Now, que the big brother overprotectiveness that comes with closeness. Me and Luner are insanely close, so, he was paying attention. He came over to me, putting his arm over my shoulder just as I saw some guys looking my up and down from another place in the gym. I could tell then and there that the reason he had gotten so close to me was them. But, when they looked away, he revieled his other reason.

“Who was that guy you were talking too? Was he one of the people from your elementary school?”

“His name is Anerack, and yeah, he was in my class last year. He was one of my only friends in the class. I think he said he was going to be in class B, so I guess we could be in the same class again. If not, then I can talk to him later about that, anyways, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just conserned about the well being of my little sister. Even if dad’s not the best fatherly figure, I come with the up and down sides of having an older brother. I think you and I both know that means that I will be a protective kind of person when it comes to you. You need not be conserned, just prepaired.”

“Yeah, okay. I can’t really be mad either way. I guess I am the one with the friend who happenes to be male.”

“Yep, and it looks like dad’s getting your class now. Wonder which one your in.”

I silently prayed that I would be in the same class as my friend, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. Dad came walking up to me, and tossed the paper to me. Catching the paper, I looked at the class I was in, smileing when I saw it. There, in bold black letters, it said I was in class B. I silently said my thanks to whoever was listening to me, then, I went with my family to the car.

*End Flashback*

The footsteps reached the top of the stairs, and are now coming towards my room. the memories are coming back quicker now, and the force makes me begin to cry. My hands won’t stop shaking, and as I see my reflection in a small puddle of blood, another memory comes forth to present itself.

*Start Flashback*

“Yay! I win again! Man, playing hide and seek is fun!” I yelled at Anerack as we finished another round of hide and seek. I had found him twice, and he had found me a total of zero times. He laughed, and it must have been contagious, as I was also doubled over laughing in a minute.


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