Birthday Month Day 8

Okay, Lilly Ride here with even more of the story. I had planned to make it shorter then it is going to be. When I’m done, I will post it on my Booksie profile, and if you want to see more, ask on here, or ask on there. I might write another one later. Anyways, let’s start the story.

*Continue Flashback*

Once we both caught our breath, Anerack was on his feet, offering a hand to help me up. I took his hand, and we got off the floor, then, Anerack looked at the clock, deciding it was time to leave.

“We gotta get to school Luna.”

“I don’t wanna go to school.”

“Come on, at least we can still hang out during the school day.”

“Yeah, but the girls in our class are mean to me.”

“Your a girl, aren’t you?”

“The moon has no gender. We are but a constant reminder of time and a becon of light in the face of the darkness of the night.”

“That’s cute, but seriously, we gotta go or we’ll be late.”

“Then go.”

“Luna, be serious. You know I’m not gonna leave you behind.”

“Yeah, okay Anerack. Let’s get it over with then.”

“Great, come on.”

Anerack grabbed my hand, leading me to the door. On the way passed the kitchen, I saw my oldest brother. I smiled and screamed bye. Then, we were off to school, Anerack leading me all the way to my locker, and never letting go of my arm. I couldn’t tell when I had started to fall in love with my best friend, but I most definitally had. When he let go though, he was gone, lost in the crowd on the way to his locker. Not one of them missed it though. They had all managed to see what happened. Arerack was one of the most popular guys in the school, so, he of course had fan girls. A lot of them to, and, some that are so extreme, they follow us home sometimes. I am Anerack’s best friend, and, sadly, a member of the female population of the earth. That all added together, equals one major beating to me.

One of the fan girls walked up to my locker, bumping into me on purpose. I knew she was lying when she turned and said she was sorry. Choosing to stay silent, I went on with my daily routine of not paying attention to them. Then, she kicked me, saying it was rude to not listen when someone is talking to you. I knew she just wanted a reason to hurt me, but now, when they saw her start, many of the other fangirls came up and circled around me.

“What makes you think you can hog all of Nick’s attention you selfish little brat!” Oh, I guess I forgot, I hadn’t remembered that he went by Nick at school.

“I don’t hog him. If you want to talk to him then talk, otherwise, leave me alone.” I will never forget the beating I got that day. They took me to the hospital from the school, and found out that I had a broken nose, arm, and leg, a fractured rib, a black eyes, and I was bleeding internally. Anerack was panicked, and I saw Lunar cry, and my father looked sad, and the kids at school became even more furious when Anerack would come to visit me.

*End Flashback*

The footsteps stopped, and the door knob turned as much as it could before stopping. The door was locked, and I had no intentions of opening it. I was sure that the person at the door had no intentions of going away. When the knocking started, another flashback  came with it.

*Start Flashback*

Anerack and I had gotten seperated from the class while we were looking at the star exibit. We were looking for them, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. I had been here a million times before, so I knew the way out, even if we had no idea where the class was. Since none of the others were out there yet, we waited on the bench outside. We must have looked out of place infront of the museum, talking and laughing. Time passed, and it was almost time for us to leave. The rest of the class must have been on thier way by then, so we were trying to finish up our conversation.

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