Stop the Pain (Short story) part 6

Hello, Hello, and time for one more part of the story. I think I’ll just start putting the story and the part number now. This is still birthday month though, so I still wont be doing the weekly thing I used to do. Anyways, without further delay, here is, part 6!

“Hey, Luna, is there anyone in our class you like.”

“Besides you, not really.”

“Kay, would you do me a favor then.”

“Sure. What’s up Anerack.”

“Go out with me?” I watched him for a minute, not sure I had heard right, but, deciding to go with it anyways.

“Yeah. I’d love to go out with you Anerack.”

“Really?” He sounded suprised, so I guessed he didn’t believe he had heard right either.

“Yep, I think you should have asked me earlier though”

He smiled, one of his contagious smiles that make you want to smile too. We sat there for about another minute before the rest of the class came out of the museum. I couldn’t stop smiling as we talked about new things on the bus, and walking home. Father noticed my happy mood, but said nothing, and Lunar kept smirking at me and asking who it was, but I wouldn’t tell him.

*End Flashback*

The knocking became faster, the tune it was playing now gone as a melody of panic began to come. I knew I shouldn’t have talked to him. He wouldn’t understand why I can’t have him interfere, not yet anyways. With shaking hands, I try to bring the knife closer to me, but his words stops me, and brings back another unwanted memory.

“Luna, please.”

*Start Flashback*

“Luna, please, it’s just a concert.”

“I know, but I’m nervous. What if i mess up?”

“There will be other voices there that will hide yours, don’t worry about it too much. Besides, if you were going to get this much stage fright, then why did you sign up for chorus?”

“Lunar, your not helping, besides, you know I love to sing, and that I didn’t know I had stage fright.”

More tommorow, as per usual. Hope you all enjoyed, Bye creatives.


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