Stop the pain(Short story) part 7

This is the last part of the story, so enjoy the very last time you will see Luna…

JK, you can read it again and again. And if you all want a sequal, then I will do one, just ask for it. Anyways, remember when I first began posting this story on Birthday Week Day #4? Man, thoughs were some good times. I think I’m gonna miss writting this, but oh well. Sorry I didn’t Finish on friday. Okay, here we go, the very last part of Stop The Pain. Enjoy!

*Continue Flashback*

“I still don’t get why you haven’t had if before, I mean, it’s kinda weird. Maybe your just thinking to much. When you get up there, you’ll stop being afraid to sing your heart out in front of the audiance. Besides, don’t you want me and dad to hear your great voice?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

My brother laughed, turning around to face me with a smile on his face. We were on the way to the school for a Chorus concert I had to attend.  Lunar had called shotgun before we got to the car, so I was forced to sit in the back. If my siblings had come with us, we would have needed the van, but, my aunt was watching them since they hadn’t been ready to leave yet.

“Turn around Lunar.”

“Go ahead and make me Luna.”

“Just turn around.”

“Okay, you win.”

He turned to the front again, just as the light turned green we were going, but, a car came from the right, going way to fast, and we couldn’t go far enough to avoid it when dad saw it. The car hit ours, and our car fliped over about three times before it stopped, but not for good, as it spun into the trees. That is where it finally stoped moving for good. The other people on the road seemed to stop, getting out of thier cars and comming over as I kicked open the door and crawled out. I heard them saying call 911, but, I had no time to look back at my brother and father before I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was no longer in the road, but rather, in a white room. I tried to move, but the sharp pain that came with even trying was enough to tell me to stay still. I heard voices outside, and I could hear them asking what the name of the patient was. I had to guess this was the hospital, and tried to remember what had happened, regretting it instantly when it came back to me. The door opened, and I looked to see one of the doctors had come in. It took him a moment to realize that I was no longer asleep.

“Hello, my name is doctor Michaels. It’s good to see that you are awake. Can’t say the same for the others though.”

“What happened to the others. Where’s my dad, and my big brother? Where’s Lunar? What happened to him?”

“Your father and brother both died in the crash. If Lunar was your brother, then he was killed instantly, and your father bled out on his way here. You were the only one that survived, sorry.”

I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks before I could stop them. The doctor gave me a sad smile before going to check al, the machines that I was hooked up too.

“It’s a miracle you survived though, you seemed to be pretty badley injured. Are you feeling any pain?”

“My head hurts, and so do my arms, and legs, and back, and it was worse when I woke up and tried to sit up.”

“Well, that’s expected. You’ve been here for an hour, and in the process, we found that mostly everything below the neck is either broken or fractured. You were very lucky though, because nothing that was unfixable was broken. You needed stitches in your arms and stomach, so we went ahead and got that done. The headache is just a normal thing when stuff like that happens. I think it was hit somewhere in the car.”


“Well, I’ll let you go back to sleep, oh, and your siblings are in the waiting room. Would you like me to let them in?”


“Great, well then, you should be out of here in about a month. Good-bye”

*End flashback*

The knife is shaking in my hand as I pull it closer to my stomach, the point touching my skin, but not deep enough to cut yet. The door falls, and I see his green eyes go wide as he sees me on the floor. Startled, I jumped, dropping the weapon in the process. I tried to reach out and grab it, but Anerack beat me to it, grabbing it with one hand, and my arm with the other, before throwing the knife at my wall across the room. The knife went into the wall, and Anerack hugged me from behind, trying his best to calm me down.

“Hey, it’s okay, I’m here now.”

I was crying now, and I felt him crying behind me, as a single tear hit the floor, mixing with the blood.

“Why? Why would you do this? You have a reason to live, so why?”

By now, I was nothing more than a bunch of tears, blood, and a sixteen year old girl who nearly gave up her life. Behind me, my boyfriend, Anerack, was crying, trying to talk to me, when he knew I wouldn’t be able to answer his questions. I wasn’t sure why I had tried something like this either, just that I had.

“Please, promise me you won’t ever do that again.” My voice was all choked up, but I managed to say my answer.

“I promise.”

*10 years later*

Three years. That’s how long me and Anerack have been married. We adopted a two year old and a five year old a year ago, so now they are three and six. The oldest is a girl named Shula, and she has red hair that looks like dancing flames, with blue eyes that seem as deep as the ocean, but full of happiness. The younger one is a boy named Winter, and he has silverey white hair, that seems like snow, and green eyes like emeralds. I’m glad that what happened ten years ago is over with, because I had to move passed that in order to go on with my life. If Anerack hadn’t come when he had, I wouldn’t be here, and all these wonderful things would never have happened.

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