My OC’s ~ Saraphina Rosette

Hello again Creatives, this is Lilly Ride with my original character Saraphina. Enjoy Reading about her!

Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 4.37.36 PM

Age ~ 15
Nickname(s) ~ Sarah, Sar
Full Name ~ Saraphina Lyra Rosette
Birth Place ~ Hargeon
Birthday ~ March 15th (pisces)
OC for ~ Fairy Tail
Ability ~ Water Dragon Slayer
Guild ~ Fairy Tail
Guild Mark ~ Her stomach
Personality ~ She is not a morning person, and like the other dragon slayers, she of course has motion sickness. Other than that, She is an outgoing person, but nice. She doesn’t like fighting all that much, but she will fight when she needs to. She can tend to be happy to the point of Annoyance, but she is pretty cool, and a positive person.Screenshot 2017-03-28 at 4.39.27 PM

Apperance ~ She has brown eyes and hair, and loves pinks and purples. She always looks presentable in public, but not as much when it’s just her at home.

That’s all the info I have to tell you about her, but I think I’ll tell you all more since I have fun telling you guys things and hearing your comments. Here are some more things about her. If you are not caught up with Fairy Tail, then this could spoil a it a little.


She has a sister who is a Celestial mage, whose name is Maggie Rosette. Wendy found her walking around the town, seeming amazed by everything she was looking at. After a short conversation about thier magic and thier dragons, Wendy took her to Fairy Tail, and she decided to join. She learned she had a sister when Mystogen toold her that the edolas version of her had an older sister, but she did not meet her sister untill Fairy Tail dispanded after Natsu an Happy left. She has an exceed named Lyra, who is a light brown color to her fur. She likes a guy in Sabertooth (but no, you do not know him, because he is another OC) named Takeo. She is closer to Wendy, Levi and Lucy than the other guild members, mostly because she is also a writer, and the obvious reason for Wendy. That’s all I can say for now, but I will be writting a fan fiction soon, so if you read it, you can learn more about her (maybe) anyways, I think this is one of the few characters I make that doesn’t have an increadably terrible and scaring past. Anyways, Lilly out!

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