Hello Creatives, so nice to see you all again. I am here to tell you about a writing website that I am on called Booksie. The links on here will take you to my profile and the profiles of some of my friends on the websie, plus the homepage for the website. Enjoy!

Booksie is a website for writers young or old. The people on there, or the ones that I know, have some real talent and should be recognized, that is why I am asking you people to look at the users that I put on here, and, maybe join the website if you can or have time and want to write. Okay, on with the profiles.

Lotus/Lilly Nanase–  This is my profile on the website. I have many books, but only one of them are finished, and that’s the Time travelers story. I hope you all will enjoy reading the stories anyways.

Mimi14senpaiThis is Mimi’s profile. She has a ton of books on booksie, and she was the one that showed me the website. Her books are some of the best, and she is the one who makes the covers to most of my books. I enjoy working with her on the website, on booksie, and Irl. She’s in some of my stories too!

TyDaSenpaiAnother awsome writer, though, I haven’t seen a lot of activity on booksie lately. His stories are great, along with the characters he made. He was one of the first people I started following, and he submitted a character in one of the books I did called Booksie joins the SSS.

RPP123One of my best friends Irl, and she’s on the website too. I enjoyed reading her books, though, she did put me into one of them without my permission. I enjoy seeing the action in her stories, and the adventure, something I don’t seem to be good at incourperating into my stories.


That’s it, my three friends and me on booksie. I know it’s kinda sad, but most people have never tried the website. I think you all should try it, and if you are on their, comment your username so I can see your stories. Who knows, you may just get a new fan! Bye for now creatives!


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