My Oc’s ~ Kate Maze

Hey Creatives, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I’m back now. I am here with another OC I made for a Death Note Fan fiction. I will post the info for her brother tomorrow. Anyways, here it is, for your enjoyment!

Kate Maze
Kate Maze 3

Name ~ Kate Maze
Nick Names ~ K, KK, Katty, Kitty,

Age ~ 26
Birthday ~ June 10th(Gemini)
Birth Place ~ Virginia
OC For ~ Death Note Fan Fiction

Personality ~ Kate is a good friend to everyone she meets, but tends to be good at telling who is her real friend and who is just using her to get something. She is kind, often the kind of person to give you multiple chances, even if you never get better. While being smart, she also enjoys a good party every now and then, so she gets along with nearly everyone. Daydreaming is a part of her daily rutine, and it makes her a good writter.

Hobbies ~ She loves writting, dreaming, sleeping, and eating. She never gets full, almost like a bottomless pit. She also enjoys cooking and watching T.V. Playing with her brother, or helping him out are some of her favorite things to do. She loves a good mystery, in real life or in aKate Maze 2 book. She really enjoys any kind of book she can get her hands on, so she has gone through her all her books in her room.

Apperance ~ She loves color, but thinks that black and white is cool too. She often wears a different color for each day. She has long, dark brown hair that matches her eyes. She always tries to look her best when she goes out.

That’s all I need to tell you, but I think I’ll tell you a little more, since I’m in a good mood. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers from the book I am writting.

She was the first to greet L after he arrived, other than the bulters of course. Her room is right across from the master detective, and she often writes mysteries for him. She is goofy when at home, and playful with her brother. She looks like a teenaher even though she is a grown woman. She loves meeting with her old friends to hang out or party for a while. She makes her own money as a writter, a singer, and an artist, though, writting is her favorite.

That’s all for now! Keep on creating!


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