Happy Birthday Taurus!

Okay, Everyone remembers when I did the birthday month thing, right? Well, this is what I will do from now on. Instead of saying Happy Birthday everyday, I will say it every time we enter and exit a new Zodiac sign. Today is the first day for the reign of Taurus, since yesterday was the last day thar Aries had to shine.

To every Taurus out there, Happy Birthday! I hope you all enjoy it. Taurus is the bull, and is a wonderful match for people born under the reign of Scorpio and Cancer. Your lucky numbers as of right now are as follows, 2, 6, 9, 12, 24. Your colors are Green and Pink. You are Reliable, Patient, Practical, devoted, responsible, and stable. Even with all that, your weaknesses are that you are stubborn, possessive, and uncompromising. Things you might enjoy include… gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothing, and working with your hands. Your days are Friday and Monday. Even though your ruling planet is Venus, your element is Earth, but that’s okay, cause a little dirt won’t hurt anyone, and a little home on Venus sounds pretty awesome. Gemini comes after you, but not until May 21st, since your last day is May 20th.

All information I found was not mine, but can be found on the link below, along with more info about the zodiac signs. Enjoy!

* Link * : D

That’s all Creatives!



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