☆ About Lilly Ride


Hi! I go by Lilly Ride! I am the 3rd member in the Admin Team for this blog! I hope you will enjoy my posts! Soon, I will put a bit about myself here, on this page. I hope you will enjoy~! 🙂

I basically have three personalities. Based on which one is showing, I may or may not update more or less. Chances are that when Lilly comes out, she will come out for a day or two in the month. She is not as emotionally strong, so the second she’s sad, she’s gone. She will come out after the one or two days, but it will be for maybe an hour one day and a few minutes another. Lotus is pretty much always out, and Gwen, the original, won’t come out a lot anymore. She refuses to come out because she’s scared of being emotionally hurt.

Hello world, nothing to worry about, I’m just another abnormal person visiting earth for a human like life. Okay, I am Lotus Nanase, A writer, a weirdo, a creative person, anything I wanna be really. All in all, I’m really just a school student trying to find something to do when I can’t stand to do anything boring anymore. I feel as though my stories and actions are a little random, but you can thank my small focus. I love to write and come up with new stories to interest people I hope you guys have fun reading. Okay, my bff in real life and online is Mimi14Senpai. Her and another friend of mine introduced me to anime, and ever since I have been hooked 100%. I write much fanfiction and have a profile on fanfiction.net. I do not have wattpad nor do I think I will ever have wattpad. I do however have an iFunny account. I do not work on school papers very well, they deduct all creativity from the writer and still expect to be interested, I believe that is a joke. I can be a friend or a foe. I love constructive criticism, but don’t just expect me to be open to hateful words for no reason. I will trust people when I first meet them, make a mistake and I will forgive you, but you have to earn back my trust. I can tend to be a little bit… Scattered with ideas, so my focus needs a little work.

If you ever need to contact me, you can do it though email, google hangouts, or, just shoot me a PM on fanfiction.Net

  • lillyride@yahoo.com
  • lillyride313@gmail.com
  • Lyra Anna Ly

Have fun on this website and enjoy

Dear readers,
Hey everyone, Lilly Ride here. I am the new Admin/ Administrator/ Author of this fine website. I hope that you all have fun here reading this blog. I will hopefully be putting something new on every weekday. Hope you  all enjoy reading. Bye.

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