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Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai (edits by Lilly) here~! 😉 🙂 *smiles happily & waves hello* You know how I haven’t been doing that many posts here on ThreeCreativeGirls? And how I said that I was going to be a LOT more active on this blog (if you didn’t hear about that, then go to this link)? Well, I decided that I was going to inform you all about what’s been going on lately in my life! YAY~!!! 🙂 *smiles* Basically, NOW you will know why I haven’t been on this blog in a WHILE!! 🙂 *smiles* Now, let’s get started, shall we?  Continue reading What’s Been Going On In The Life Of Mimi14Senpai~!


All of the bloggers on this page would like to thank you readers. We have around 2,000 views for this site. You all are so amazing and we would like to give you all a big round of applause. Give yourself a pat on the back. You all are amazing. Thank you so much.

~Lilly Ride

What Would You Viewers Like To See Here on This Blog?

(The three admins of this blog, also known as the ThreeCreativeGirls blog, have recently had a discussion about this blog of ours. Here’s basically how it went.)


Mimi14Senpai: So… About the ThreeCreativeGirls blog… How can we make it better? More popular? More cooler?

Butterfly15Editor: Hmmm… I could try to put aside time in my busy schedule to take more photographs… But my camera recently broke, and I’m trying to get it fixed…

Lilly Ride: Uhhh… Maybe I could do more posts? Oh! Maybe we could get one of our friends to become an admin!

Mimi14Senpai: Good idea… Maybe I can convince my friend Randa to… I’ll ask her. And we need to do another post, with the stats of the month of February…

Butterfly15Editor: Lilly did it last time, I’ll do it this time. It’s my turn, next is Mimi’s turn.

Mimi14Senpai: Okay! And Lilly! Maybe you can post anime-related things, and fandom-related things!

Lilly Ride: Sure!

Butterfly15Editor: And I’ll try to post more photography and recipes.

Mimi14Senpai: Okay! Now, we’ll all do more posts! Alright, this discussion is now over! 🙂

Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here with another status post! I would like to introduce you to my friend’s blog! She goes by Lilly, and I am a co-author on her blog! Please go check it out! Bye~!


My Friend’s Blog!!!!!

Hi there! Mimi14Senpai here with a status post! I wanted to announce that I have recently created 2 more blogs! One is for anime, video games, fandoms, Harry Potter, and whatnot! The other is for all of my writing! Here are the links! Please go check them out! 🙂

  1. My blog for anime/video games/fandoms/whatnot => NerdyOtakuGamerGirl
  2. My blog for my writing => WritingWriter

Dear readers,

Hey everyone, LittleRed313 here. I am the new Admin/Administrator/Author of this fine blog. I hope that you all have fun here reading this blog. I will hopefully be putting something new on every weekday. Hope you all enjoy reading. Bye.

News Update: Followers

~~~~~~~~~~NEWS UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~

Hi there! Mimi14Senpai here with another news update! What is this news update about, you might ask? Well… The blog TwoCreativeGirls has reached 20 followers! Yay~! Actually, 21 followers, in fact! Yay~!

I would like to thank you for all of the follows! Also, Butterfly15Editor is thankful as well! We appreciate it SO MUCH~! So, once again, THANK YOU~! Stay awesome!

Screenshot 2015-12-27 at 3.59.32 PM.png

News Update: What’s Coming Soon

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi there! Butterfly15Editor here! I have an important news update about what might be coming soon to our blog!

I am interested in professional photography, but I never have had a professional camera to take photos with. However, today, Mimi14Senpai was talking to one of her neighbors, who is an artist/author/photographer/and a couple other things. And her neighbor (whose name is kept private for privacy reasons) offered to let Mimi14Senpai and I borrow one of her cameras to take photos with!

So, we might soon start posting photography on the TwoCreativeGirls blog! Yay~! I cannot say when exactly we will start posting, but we will start as soon as possible!

That’s it for this post! I hope you have enjoyed~! Bai~!


Changed the Design

~~~~~~~~~~IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE!~~~~~~~~~~

Hi there! It’s Mimi14Senpai and The Editor here! This is an important news update! We have just recently changed the custom design of this blog of ours from “Penscratch” to “Shine On.” We hope you like it! We changed it because we felt like it expressed us more, because this new custom design is more colorful & artistic. We hope you like it! Please comment what you think down below!
-Mimi14Senpai & The Editor