Mimi’s Writing – Short Story – How I Began My Love For Video Games

I enjoy a majority of video games. Video games to me, they’re more than a hobby. They are a way of bonding for my little brother and I, a connection between my dad and I as well. Most of my family appreciates video games (excluding my mother).

I cannot exactly remember the first time I started playing video games, but I know it all started with a Game Boy. I was super young, and the Game Boy was the very first gaming device that I can remember. It was pink and small, and kind of weird looking. But, I loved it anyway. I had a few game cartridges, not a lot, mind you. I can’t remember all the ones I had, but I know I had a Monster Inc. game cartridge. I remember spending hours upon hours on that Game Boy, trying to beat the games + levels. I was very young, around 5 or 6 or 7 or so.

My second gaming device was a Nintendo DSI. My grandparents, which I loved so very much and still do love very much, had bought it for me, considering the fact my little sister & my little brother teamed together to attempt to flush my Game Boy down the toilet. The Game Boy didn’t get flushed, but stopped working and wouldn’t turn on whatsoever. I cried over that Game Boy. My grandparents, wanting to stop my crying, promised me that they would buy me a new game, and a better one too. I stopped crying eventually, because of that promise. And, my grandparents kept that promise. They brought me to a store (I cannot remember which store however) and bought me a sky-blue Nintendo DSI. I was overjoyed! I loved that DSI, and I still do, considering that I still have it with me to this day.

A couple years later, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade (in elementary school) my dad purchased a computer for the family. We had only one laptop at first, reserved only for my father for his work. This computer, was placed in the living room on a computer desk, for the whole entire family to enjoy. That, was the time when I discovered computer games. I was overjoyed with this new discovery! I played online Solitaire (with my Papa’s help & tips), this war simulation game, self-designed games designed by my father, and much more! I cannot remember most of them, however. Now, that computer is gone, sold a long time ago at a yard sale of ours.

That is the story of how I began my love for video games. I hope you have enjoyed~! Peace out~! 😀 🙂 😉


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